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Gordon Walker Sustainable Development Goals - world-movies.ru

Gordon Walker Sustainable Development Goals

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Nicolas Lesca Environmental Scanning and Sustainable Development

This work is an initial exploration of the relationship between scanning and sustainable development. In ten chapters, the authors examine the application, characteristics and implementation of scanning oriented toward sustainable development. Thus the work offers some answers to the questions “what is sustainable scanning?”, “what new issues does it raise for management practice and management science?”, “what forms can it take?” and “how…?”

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Juan Lucena C. Engineering and Sustainable Community Development

Группа авторов Sustainable Development Practices Using Geoinformatics

Группа авторов Sustainable development in peripheral regions

Mark Mawhinney Sustainable Development

Can there be a common definition of sustainable development? Views on sustainable development range from those of the mainstream economist to the hardened environmentalist – via many shades of green. This book offers a clear overview of the debates and sets out the various theories, providing an accessible introduction for all who now need to understand how sustainable development affects their working practices. The text is structured around key questions on the concept of sustainable development: Does it define a starting point, a process, or the end-goal? Can it provide a coherent theory? Is it a workable concept in practice? Is it ‘balanced’ or does ‘balance’ form part of the solution? Mark Mawhinney explores the various strands of thought that claim to define sustainable development – as a concept, a theory or as a set of principles. He also highlights gaps in understanding that often arise and attempts to break down the barriers to a common understanding – redefining current concepts in terms that will help to progress the debate on sustainable development.

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Группа авторов Sustainable Development and Energy Transition in Europe and Asia

Группа авторов The Smart Cyber Ecosystem for Sustainable Development

Группа авторов Role of Edge Analytics in Sustainable Smart City Development

Mytilineos – Corporate Social Responsibility and ...

The consistency and the high level of know-how of Mytilineos, but also the pioneering initiatives that it always undertakes with the aim of sustainable and social development, were also highlighted at the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2021, where the Company after a demanding evaluation process and with many high level participations, won 3 distinctions and specifically:

Walker County Sheriff's Office report: Sept. 27 - Oct. 3 ...

The following information concerning recent arrests was provided by the Walker County Sheriff’s Office. All people are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Cummings K-8 Optional School / Homepage

COVID-19 Response from Cummings K-8. In an effort to better serve the parents and students of the Cummings community, we are extending opportunities for your child to access not only district created resources, but we'd like to make it easier to access his or her teacher as well.

Sanitation - Wikipedia

Sanitation refers to public health conditions related to clean drinking water and 'treatment and disposal of human excreta and sewage.' Preventing human contact with feces is part of sanitation, as is hand washing with soap. Sanitation systems aim to protect human health by providing a clean environment that will stop the transmission of disease, especially through the fecal–oral route.

Mt. Pisgah Middle / Homepage - Shelby County Schools

Beginning Monday, September 20, 2021, SCS Nutrition Services will provide free breakfast and lunch meals to students who are in quarantine due to a positive COVID-19 test or are deemed a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.. The meals will be distributed through a touchless drive-thru process -- the same process used for bulk meal distribution -- at each location to ...

Why Sonix? It's the best automated transcription service ...

How we've built the best online transcription service. Sonix uses cutting-edge AI to automatically transcribe, timestamp, and translate your audio and video files.

Anilla Cherian Energy and Global Climate Change

Energy and Global Climate Change: Bridging the Sustainable Development Divide focuses attention on two urgent global development challenges faced by the UN and its member states: access to sustainable energy for all, and global climate change. This book presents compelling evidence about an often neglected aspect of the energy-climate change-development nexus faced by millions of poor: problems caused by the use of inefficient and polluting energy sources, and the lack of access to sustainable energy services. Based on a detailed examination of major UN global climate change and sustainable development negotiated outcomes over the course of several decades, this book argues in a powerful and insightful manner that intergovernmental negotiated outcomes aimed at solving the climate change and energy access challenges have been restricted by being placed in different negotiating silos. This “siloization” or compartmentalization has resulted in separate tracks of negotiated outcomes on two inextricably linked global development challenges; and, has thereby hindered prospects for integrated action. This book points out that the existence of these two silos is especially hard to ignore in light of the urgent UN-led quest for an integrated and universal post-2015 development agenda anticipated to be anchored by new sustainable development goals on energy access and climate change. By addressing the heavy reliance on inefficient and polluting energy services which result in indoor air pollution and short lived climate pollutants that tragically impact millions of poor people, this book highlights the unique importance of integrated action on the energy-poverty-climate change nexus in the UN’s post-2015 development era.

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Patrizia Lombardi Evaluating Sustainable Development

Sustainable development has been characterised by an emphasis on environmental issues and an ad hoc approach to structuring the subject which hinders the development of knowledge in a systematic way. The built environment contributes significantly to the environment but is also one of the major factors in determining whether a community is sustainable in the longer term. A structure is required which aids definition, provides a common set of values, establishes measurement methods to define progress, and suggests a management system and decision protocol which enables practitioners to engage and use the resultant structures and information. This book provides a suggested structure in which all aspects of sustainable development can be included together with a set of evaluation techniques which can be used within the structure to provide assistance to decision making.

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Azapagic Adisa Sustainable Development in Practice. Case Studies for Engineers and Scientists

Sustainable Development in Practice: Case Studies for Engineers and Scientists, Second Edition explores the concept of sustainable development and its implications for science and engineering. It looks at how sustainability criteria can be combined with traditional scientific and engineering considerations to design and operate industrial systems in a more sustainable manner. Taking a life cycle approach to addressing economic, environmental and social issues, the book presents a series of new practical case studies drawn from a range of sectors, including mining, energy, food, buildings, transport, waste, and health. Written in an accessible style, the book opens with a general introduction to the concept of sustainable development and explores its practical implications for technical experts. Recognising that practical application of sustainable development depends on the context, the second part of the book is devoted to case studies. The case studies explore scientific and technical aspects alongside relevant environmental economic and social issues. The key features of this completely revised and updated second edition include: Twelve new chapters, including the case studies on nuclear energy, biofuels, aviation, buildings, urban transport, food, sanitation and health. Six completely revised chapters Coverage of a wide range of sustainability issues in both developed and developing countries Integration of scientific and technical aspects with economic, environmental and social considerations Discussion of policy implications Communication with the non-engaging and non-scientific audience Considered essential reading for all engineers and scientists concerned with sustainable development, Sustainable Development in Practice: Case Studies for Engineers and Scientists, Second Edition also provides key reading and learning materials for undergraduate and postgraduate science and engineering students.

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William Walker Atkinson MASTER MIND - The Key To Mental Power Development And Efficiency

Lesley Hemphill Sustainable Development Policy Directory

This Directory means that a whole range of built environment professionals need never be caught out by the perversities of policy – in its formulation or on its journey into the real life of you and me. To have in one place the means of not only burrowing down into any one policy, but also of exploring the interconnections is a precious resource for any professional – ‘sustainability literate’ or not. Today, nobody who delivers our built environment can be excused from taking responsibility for the future. Armed with this Directory their contribution can only be made more effective. Sara Parkin OBE Forum for the Future This desk-top reference on sustainable development provides essential information for all who need to be up-to-date and familiar with the implications of the legal, fiscal and planning frameworks around the global and local sustainability agenda. It is relevant to a range of organisations and individuals – from national and local authorities, professional bodies, built environment professions, academia, environmental consultancies, non-governmental organisations and others. Carefully designed to facilitate access for a diverse range of stakeholders, it covers international, European, British and local policies in key built environment themes, and develops their inter-relationship to sustainable development. The Directory addresses each theme in a series of tables which summarise the policy purpose and also provide web-links to view the specific policy documents. The themes covered are: · Biodiversity · Climate Change · Construction · Energy · Environment · Planning · Pollution · Social Issues · Sustainable Development Policy and Practice · Transport · Urban Development · Waste Management · Water Other books of interest: The Green Guide to Specification Anderson ISBN: 1405119616 Smart & Sustainable Built Environments Yang Hardback ISBN: 1405124229 Sustainable Property Development Keeping Paperback ISBN: 0632058048 Previously Developed Land Syms Paperback 1405106972 Evaluating Sustainable Development Brandon 0632064862 Cover design by Garth Stewart www.thatconstructionsite.com

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Emily Hoole Tracking Your Development

This book provides you with the means to set development goals and to track your progress on achieving them. It can help you efficiently gather and make sense of information about your progress and avoid common pitfalls that can block your development. Tracking your development can be captures in a few steps: articulating your goal, creating an action plan, gathering information about your behavior, indentifying barriers and support, and revising your action plan. Taking these steps will greatly increase the likelihood of achieving your goals.

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Claudia Dinep Sustainable Site Design

Sustainable Site Design introduces the core concepts of sustainability as applied to landscape architecture. Focusing on site-scale design, this book provides a regional framework for integrating sustainable practices throughout the design process. From landscape analysis to program and design development, each design phase is illustrated with detailed case studies covering a broad range of innovative built landscape architectural projects.

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Lombardi Patrizia Evaluating Sustainable Development in the Built Environment

The first edition was extremely well received, providing an introduction and insight to this important topic in a comprehensive yet easy to read form. It was chosen to be issued to the representatives of the organizations from the G8 and G20 countries attending the University Summit held in Turin in 2009 which addressed the issue of how education and research can assist sustainable development. The second edition, completely updated to reflect the significant advances and new insights that have been made since publication of the first edition, focuses on two main issues: Facilitating a dialogue between all stakeholders so that the complexity of the problem can be exposed, structured and communicated Understanding how to assess progress in sustainable development It continues to provide coherent guidance on the techniques that can be used to assess sustainable development in a rigorous manner. The approach is introduced using illustrations and case studies, together with follow-up references. It remains the ideal starting point for those trying to get a handle on the subject and for those who wish to examine a structured and systematic approach to the evaluation of sustainable development in the built environment.

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Группа авторов Sustainable Development Practices Using Geoinformatics

Over the last few years, the stress on natural resources has increased enormously due to anthropogenic activities especially through urbanization and industrialization processes. Sustainable development while protecting the Earth’s environment involves the best possible management of natural resources, subject to the availability of reliable, accurate and timely information on regional and global scales. There is an increasing demand for an interdisciplinary approach and sound knowledge on each specific resource, as well as on the ecological and socio-economic perspectives related to their use. Geoinformatics, including Remote Sensing (RS), Geographical Information System (GIS), and Global Positioning System (GPS), is a groundbreaking and advanced technology for acquiring information required for natural resource management and addressing the concerns related to sustainable development. It offers a powerful and proficient tool for mapping, monitoring, modeling, and management of natural resources. There is, however, a lack of studies in understanding the core science and research elements of geoinformatics, as well as larger issues of scaling to use geoinformatics in sustainable development and management practices of natural resources. There is also a fundamental gap between the theoretical concepts and the operational use of these advance techniques.  “Sustainable Development Practices Using Geoinformatics” written by well-known academicians, experts and researchers provides answers to these problems, offering the engineer, scientist, or student the most thorough, comprehensive, and practical coverage of this subject available today, a must-have for any library.

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Sri Wening Handayani Asia’s Fiscal Challenge

Developing countries in Asia have expanded their social protection programs. One of the key challenges is creating sustainable financing–considered the bedrock for success of the social protection agendas of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Agenda and Strategy 2030 of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). This book focuses on the analysis of fiscal requirements to achieve the social protection agenda of the SDGs and explore options to close the gaps in population coverage and adequacy of protection of social assistance, health care, and social insurance systems of ADB developing members over the next decade.

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